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Digital Prime Technologies’ Tokenet featured in the March 7th 2023 issue of Securities Finance Times

Digital Prime Technologies’ head of lending solutions Courtney Campbell speaks to Carmella Haswell about spearheading the firm’s new digital asset lending platform, Tokenet, and how it plans to reshape the institutional digital lending market Digital Prime Technologies is set to release its automated lending platform Tokenet at the end of Q1 2023. The platform will enable institutional dealers to post borrow needs, broadcast lend availability and select collateral haircuts. It seeks to provide loan lifecycle management, as well as a number of counterparty risk tools.

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Digital Prime featured in the January 2023 issue of Global Custodian

Transforming the digital asset landscape. Digital Prime Technologies has assembled the Board, team and the tech to go along with best practices and products from traditional finance to allow capital markets firms to launch and manage a digital asset offering for their existing clients, at a time when best practices and corporate governance is of the upmost importance for institutional investors.

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